KS Productions is a boutique film production company dedicated to the development through to release of high quality feature films representing only the very best in all aspects of the business, ranging from leading talent to technical personnel.

Formed in 2012 the company was the lead production vehicle bringing to the screen from the multi award winning stage play THE ARCHBISHOP AND THE ANTICHRIST , screenplay co-written with Roland Joffe, (of The Mission, The Killing Fields, and Vatel fame) made in to a feature film 'THE FORGIVEN' starring Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana, Jeff Gum, Morne Visser and Debbie Sherman. 


The original holding company for the stage play The Archbishop and the Antichrist now adapted for the screen and on release from March 9th, with a theatrical expansion on March 16 2018 as 'THE FORGIVEN' - to also include VOD and Digital HD.


With an interest in quality human rights themed and Gender Equality, play scripts available for licence and performance.

Kim Ashton at the helm of the company, is set to release a number of productions from 2020.

Whilst the company actively promotes and manages the writing of multi award winning writer Michael Ashton, we welcome submissions for our consideration and have an open policy and maintain a willingness to read and feedback on all scripts submitted.

KS Productions welcomes new co-partners, collaborations, high end equity investors, and private investors with a proven track record.

For script development, acquisitions and project development contact: