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Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Saturday 5:00pm


with Michael Ashton
moderated by Maureen Hascoet

Dostoyevsky wrote ‘Beauty will save the world’.

Will it save Michael Ashton?


Michael has had more lives than you and I combined – and most probably: more deaths.


Soldier in rapid action unit, barrister, academic with a PHD and an MA under his belt, qualified to teach, ex-convict, playwright, screenwriter. Not exactly your typical career progression. Not exactly a one time fluke either…


In the last 6 years that Michael has been dedicated to writing, his plays have attracted ‘A list talent’ – and his first ever play, The Archbishop and The Antichrist, written in jail while serving time for fraud, is now being shot this summer. Adapted y Michael himself, the film is being directed by Roland Joffe (The Killing Fields), and stars Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.


His writing typically comes alive in extremely tense and graphic accounts centered around a real-life character who has to answer for his sins to the ghosts of his past that Michael masterfully conjures.


With 32 more plays, 5 original screenplays and 3 adapted scripts in his drawer, it is safe to expect his voice to become as prominent in the film world as it is in the theatre.


You can expect this session to be in the image of this extra-ordinary speaker: raw, authentic and uncompromising.


This session has been brought to you by Blueberry Creative. Uniting creative minds by developing relationships, support and service opportunities amongst creative businesses.

Maureen Hascoet

Credits include: 50 Kisses ('Enough' segment)

Maureen is a veteran of the LSF production team, now working for Blueberry Creative Consultants. She is also a talented director in her own right.

Raw, Authentic and Uncompromising: Writing As An Act of Redemption
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