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The lives of two people are tragically affected by a single event. Joe, an RAF pilot, loses his wingman through a moment of indecision. He then makes the fateful decision to destroy a military target located in a civilian village. Ariyah, a Yazidi woman fighting against ISIS, loses her remaining family in a missile strike on her village. Manipulated by Russian forces, Ariyah is provided details of the RAF pilot who fired the missile - Joe.

With the help of his psychiatrist, Joe learns to deal with the guilt of his actions. But it is not enough. The daylight hours are off limits for him and prescription medication and alcohol see him through the night. Sleep is as elusive as a fading dream. Triggered by a news report of Syrian refugees arriving in Cyprus, an event he feels responsible for, Joe seeks the
journalist to tell his story to. But it is too sensitive a subject to broadcast. His need to tell sensitive military information puts him on a watchlist and the sights of a specialist SAS unit.

Inspired by an image on a magazine cover, Joe sets off on a journey to the Scottish Highlands in search of peace unaware that he is being pursued by a vengeful Yazidi mother and the SAS.

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