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The UpComing - October 13, 2017 - "THE FORGIVEN: Review 5 out of 5 stars" by Guy Lambert.

The Forgiven maintains a wonderful fluidity and pacing. With an educational and thought-provoking script, director Roland Joffé and writer Michael Ashton have created a stunning piece of film that shows a visionary perspective on how to tell stories that demand a platform.


The Forgiven really is an emotional masterpiece that will bring a tear to the eye as the final credits role, delivering a poignant message that will resonate deep within in our minds and shake our moral compasses to the core.


The Fuse of Entertainment - October 29, 2017 - "The Forgiven:  Forest Whittaker takes on Eric Bana in this intense post-apartheid political thriller."  by Sneh Rupra

..'the film manages to show humanity in even the most monstrous of figures.

That is the real triumph of the film – the moral quandary that Tutu struggles with is passed on to the audience, who must evaluate Blomfeld, and many of the rest of the characters, and decide whether they are worthy of forgiveness.


The audience isn’t expected to have the strength of faith that Tutu does, nor his determination to forgive such unforgivable acts, yet we are led to that conclusion with a gentle touch.


FILM INQUIRY - March 16, 2018 - "THE FORGIVEN: Whitaker & Bana At Their Respective Bests” by Alex Arabian.

With potent acting by Whitaker and Bana, relevant social commentary, adept writing and direction, The Forgiven succeeds as a biopic...

...Audiences should keep any eye out for Ashton, who shows more than enough promise to make a substantial career for himself as a screenwriter.


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